Emotional Transformation Therapy: An Interactive Ecological Psychotherapy

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Facebook Group Forum Live Chat. Free Promotional Opps. Replies to This Discussion. COM 0 Comments 0 Likes. Add an Event View All. When it comes to Constellations, any verbal account fails to capture the essence of the work because the method is so profoundly interactive and experiential. It arises and evolves through the sensations, feelings and direct knowing of the participants — their internal awareness, their consciousness — and this is where the learning and transformation take place.

While it can be described, it is recommended that the reader find a way to experience a session to fully appreciate the power of this way of working.

Bert Hellinger, a German philosopher and therapist, originally developed Constellations to bring healing to dysfunctions in family systems. It evolved to address issues within organisations producing successful results for governments and businesses. Now it is applied in many areas, including university research, with conferences and training events taking place worldwide.

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While all applications of Constellations have occasionally represented other-than-human elements, pioneers around the world have been focusing on human-ecological systems and the first book on these Nature Constellations has recently been published. This is a method that can help people understand and improve their relating with any aspect of nature. The benefits can take place at many levels, from a simple shift towards appreciating other species more fully, to very specific insights about situations they are facing.

Nature Constellations include other-than-human beings, so human representatives are set up as, for example, animals or plants. By tuning into how they feel, they access information about the beings they are representing. So effectively, they give a voice to aspects of Nature that might otherwise not be heard. Constellations are done in relation to a question being asked see section below , and all relevant parts of the system are included.

So the initial configuration of a Nature Constellation diagnoses the current state of the human-ecological system. There is then the opportunity to explore the relationships between the parts.

True Nature Constellations – Powerful Healing

It is possible to test options: if I do this, how would it impact the other parts of the system? Because the whole system is represented, it is possible to check that problems in one place do not simply shift elsewhere. The aim is to find what would bring improvements to the health and wellbeing of all parts of the system, human and other-than-human. One of the beautiful things about working in this way is that often solutions emerge from some part of the Constellation that could not have been imagined before.

It is a very co-creative method, drawing on the combined wisdom of all present — those represented and those doing the representing. A feature of Constellations is that the information about the system is immediately accessible to those with no training. The facilitator is not determining the data, merely working with what emerges. Moreover the person asking the question can step into the Constellation to verify what is found. Applications of Nature Constellations. As long as the facilitator is appropriately trained, Nature Constellations can be used to look at any system where there is a human-ecological interaction.

Below are broad areas of application, with a few examples of questions that have been worked with to give a flavour. There is such a breadth of questions brought to Nature Constellations that the best way to show outcomes is through a variety of examples.

Evidence for Nature Constellations

First, however, it is important to address the question that most people reading about or being part of Nature Constellations face: is what emerges really accurate information about the other-than-humans being represented? While ideally people try the method to decide for themselves, here two stories illustrate what is systematically found. Yildiz Sethi is a Family Constellations facilitator and trainer, counsellor Masters degree , clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and founder of two psychotherapies and author.

She spent many years as a science physics and chemistry teacher and was an Australian College of Applied Psychology ACAP lecturer for eight years specialising in Methods of Counselling. She moved from science teaching at a sensitive time her life when change beckoned. Yildiz discovered Vedic astrology and she became a Vedic Astrologer. She became interested in releasing patterns and blocks in herself and later facilitating others. Her curiosity led her to research and further studies to find the latest, effective, methodologies for positive change in the shortest possible time frames for most, as she suspected that this was a possibility.

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In while backpacking around India she came upon a centre with a large sign saying Family Constellations demonstration. She and her husband Satish were so impressed by the demonstration they took part in the following workshop and then basic and advanced intensive training with Svagito Liebermeister.

Systemic Constellations with Zaquie C Meredith

RCH and EMI come out of Constellation philosophy combined with the latest in mind science, neural science, epigenetics and hypnosis in creating an approach to work with the fast recovery of both systemic and personal trauma, as well as a range of relational issues and patterns for a large proportion of the population. EMI is a perfect addition to Family Constellations to provide a complete way of working with personal and systemic issues deeply, effectively and briefly.

Find information about Yildz facilitator trainings in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on her website. Stardust on the Spiritual Path- More than a book, it could be considered a course on ancient and modern philosophies in relation to our life pathway based on Vedic astrology, the law of Karma, personal development and free will and Family Constellations.

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