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He became so absorbed in listening to the singing that to the devotees it appeared he had entered a spiritual trance. The devotees began to reluctantly rise and leave. But one of them came forward with another painting. Otherwise, I am very bad.

Dr. G.D. Agarwal in 'Amrit Nectar of Immortality'

By his presence, we can understand that some criminal is present and the policeman is searching. He said disasters would follow. But Prabhupada gave good advice how the devotees could combat it and how they could realize they were protected by Krsna. So people are getting a good impression of us because of the publicity on radio and television. Sita was blasphemed.

Amrta Vani: Nectar of Instructions for Immortality

Today is Ekadasi. If one has missed any Ekadasis, just by following Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi strictly without taking any water, that makes up for all the other mistakes on previous Ekadasis. Some people even become deliberately lax on other Ekadasis, knowing that they will make up for it on Nirjala Ekadasi. For myself, when I was younger and in certain association, I used to follow Ekadasi more strictly and stay up all night chanting bhajanas and having out-loud readings and not drinking water. If one observes Ekadasi very strictly, either that day or the following day, he or she might be too fatigued to do regular service.

Prabhupada himself observed Ekadasi simply by refraining from grains and beans.

He did not observe Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi. He dressed up in brilliant garments: a shining golden dhoti, colorful kurta , turban and peacock feather.

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Krsna impressed the warriors on both sides by appearing as a handsome, dancing actor wrapped in brilliant yellow robes, a Vaijayanti garland with five different kinds of flowers and a cheerful countenance. Any of the soldiers at Kuruksetra who saw Krsna were liberated from birth and death. Krsna was always the best dresser. It has many razor-sharp edges and is fiery. When Krsna releases it, it goes independently, seeks out the enemy, and kills him.

Krsna used the Sudarsana to behead Sisupala at the Rajasuya sacrifice, when Sisupala was deliriously blaspheming Krsna. Durvasa fled for his life with the Sudarsana in close pursuit, and the yogi traveled all over the universe, even up to the entrance to Vaikuntha. When Krsna killed Kasiraja, his son created a giant demon and sent him to Dvaraka to destroy. But Krsna subdued the demon and sent him back to Kasi. The Sudarsana cakra then destroyed the entire city of Kasi.

Sudarsana is an invincible, unconquerable weapon, and Krsna often uses it in battle with the asuras. In the forest there are many ferocious animals that are dangerous to humans. In the spiritual world, Goloka Vrndavana, the forest is different. It is a peaceful, safe place. The animals who are naturally inimical live in peace in Goloka Vrndavana. Krsna and His cowherd friends—and Krsna and the gopis —play in the forests of Goloka.

Even in the material world, sadhus used to go alone to the forest.

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It is said they would put out some milk for the tigers, and the tigers would take it and leave the sadhus alone. In Goloka, the forest is filled with offerings to Radha and Krsna. Fruits, flowers, creepers to decorate Krsna and His devotees are supplied by the forest. There are kunjas and cottages there where Krsna and the gopis go for amorous pastimes. It is not at all a dangerous place.

Hiranyakasipu asked his son Prahlada what was the best thing his teachers taught him that day. Prahlada replied that if one lived in materialistic household life, the best thing was to get out and go live in the forest vana. More clearly, he said one should go and live in Vrndavana, where many sages and devotees gather to chant and hear hari-katha.

Prabhupada said that forest-dwelling is not feasible for devotees nowadays. The forest is said to be in the mode of goodness, the city is in the mode of passion, but the Visnu temple is transcendental to the material modes. Living in the association of devotees is far more practical and advantageous than going alone to meditate in the forest. He maintained the balance so the demigods and demons could churn the mountain with the ropes of the serpent.

The tortoise incarnation was relieving an itching sensation on His back by this pastime. In the time-worn Aesop story of the tortoise and the hare, the two of them engage in a race.

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The hare starts off very fast, but the tortoise walks slowly and steadily. But the hare, racing on sheer enthusiasm, or utsaha , runs out of breath and has to rest. But the tortoise proceeds with patience, and in the end he wins the race. In my fictional series of Nimai and the Mouse , I have a character who is a tortoise and is a great sage living in the water. When the others are confused as to what to do, they are told to go and inquire from the wise tortoise-sage in the water. There are a number of persons in the Bhagavatam who meditate underwater.

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The Pracetas did this for thousands of years. The great yogi Saubhari Muni also meditated in the water until he became agitated by seeing fish engaged in sex. Meditators go under water so they will not be bothered by ordinary people, and they can be peaceful in their meditation. Krsna and Balarama also went underwater to rescue the dead son of Their guru Sandipani Muni. They went to the watery kingdom of Varuna to get back the dead soul and bring him to his father.

They make my dinnertable talk more tasty. They crash my party of solitude. They break my holy silence. They come one after another. This book explores the pains and pleasures of being with others. He likes to write alone. More than once he had been interrupted in the middle of a poem by a phone call—and he had not told them to call back when their call was over. His insides sometimes cringed when he heard of another visitor, sometimes a heavy one, one who wanted to physically visit, and for a substantial number of days.

Seeking for love of the personal God. No visitors to your cell is preferred. Our group brings out the young Bollywood group of boys and girls dancing together. I wrote this book in The free write words are another way to pick a word and give a Krsna conscious meaning.

At the end of the introduction to the book, I write:. Even by free association we can return to Krsna, no matter how far the mundane word may seem from the transcendental word. Everything comes from Krsna, and it should be returned to His service. I abhor violence—the idea of hitting someone and causing them injury, or being hit myself.

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Bluffing is often a kind of bullying, which is obnoxious. It is a brave position to take in a violent world. Vedic culture, therefore, divides society into four varnas , and of the four, the brahmanas are allowed to practice nonviolence while the ksatriyas are expected to protect them. In such a society, it is better for a brahmana to remain consistent with his own principles, even if it means suffering from violence perpetrated against him.

Rather, he steers away from the aggression and if he cannot steer away, he turns the other cheek.